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The industry’s only all-in-one PFAS separation, concentration and destruction solution.

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With our separation and concentration technology, we inject billions of microbubbles into contaminated water to effectively separate and concentrate PFAS for immediate destruction. Rigorous technology evaluations confirm that our system meets stringent EPA standards by completely removing PFAS compounds.

  • Meet stringent regulatory limits with industry leading PFAS removal for a broad range of contaminated waters
  • Achieve the lowest cost PFAS removal from the industry's most effective technology
  • ZERO waste media generated or environmental impact — no harsh chemicals, or expensive consumables, and extremely low energy requirements
destruction engine


Gradiant’s destruction technology eliminates the concentrated micro-foamate via electro-oxidation, using proprietary electrodes. This powerful technology enables the permanent destruction of all PFAS compounds, forever, ensuring a safe, reliable water supply.

  • Complete destruction of the full range of PFAS compounds
  • Leaves no trace with just harmless by-products
  • In-line destruction eliminates cost and complexity of shipping PFAS waste off-site for treatment

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At Gradiant, we practice Solutions-Oriented Listening to truly understand your challenges. We understand that every site and situation present its own complex set of variables.

In this first conversation, we’ll discuss your specific application and the existing technologies that you may be using. We’ll use this info to develop the bespoke solutions for which Gradiant is renowned.

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